Configuring QNX 6.3 Bootloader


I have installed QNX 6.3 on my desktop in dual boot with Win XP and both are working fine. I have two queries regarding the bootloader.

  1. I want to change the default bootloader option from QNX to Win XP.

  2. The bootloader gives me three options (1, 2, 3)

    1 – Win XP
    2 – Does not work (i did some mess with partitioning so 2 had come up)
    3 – QNX

I want to remove option 2 or i want to configure in such a way that option 2 points to qnx and option 3 is removed.

Can someone guide me in these issues please ?

Thanking you

QNX bootloader is very basic. You will need to install other loaders (such as GRUB, search this forum) if you want advanced features.

Back to your question:

  1. the default is the active partition. you can use “fdisk” to set Windows partition as active if you want it to be default.
  2. those numbers crosspond to your partitions. You probably have a non bootable data partition on your system as “2”. run “fdisk” from qnx and you will see those 3 partitions …

I have tried using fdisk command it had given me some options but i could not figure out how to set the Windows partition as active. It is the first partition on my HDD and its NTFS. Can you please guide me with this ??

I am a newbie to QNX i have a small clarification, in most of the documents its mentioned as “QNX 6.3 Momentics Development Suite” and in some places “QNX Neutrino RTOS” are both the same ?? I assumed that both are same except that the 6.3 version has a IDE for development and hence the name. Plz correct me if i am wrong.

Thanking you

start fdisk
with the up/down arrow keys, move the arrow shaped pointer in the left column of “fdisk” to the windows partition (NTFS under WIN XP)
press the “b” key, an asterisk now moves to the NTFS line in the right column of “fdisk”
now this partition is the one your system boots off by default - you still have the chance to boot into a different partition when asked for
if you are shure that the accidently created partition “2” contains no data that you need, you can now move the pointer (left column) to that partition and delete it by hitting the “d” key, now this partition will not be offerd in the boot “menu”
press the “s” key to save your changes and the “q” key to finish “fdisk”
if you still have time left, read this article : (all of it, and especially the last post)
good luck HELGE

Well, do you think Volkswagen Beetle and Volkswagen New Beetle are the same because they sound so similar? ;) No seriously, this confusion is not your fault. It’s fault of QNX marketing - download site speaks only of ‘QNX Momentics’ and does not mention QNX RTOS. If any Marketing person from QNX reads this (if they do HAVE marketing persons?) please correct that.

To clarify:

QNX Momentics Development Suite is the name of the ‘dev-seat’, i.e. you get all you need to develop software - INCLUDING the QNX Neutrino RTOS.

QNX Neutrino RTOS - the actual operating system, which you use in your product/device and which runs your programs.

Thanks to whiterabbits could alter the bootloader successfully as per your instructions.

Also thanks to Thunderblade for clarifying my doubt.