I am looking for a copy of Finger. Has anyone already done a port of it or did I just miss the package for it?

I seem to remember it was on Qnx4 but its not on Qnx6

No, it’s not. Not sure why. You can get who from the online repository.

Thanks cdm. I checked the QNX download area but I could not find the pacakge you mentioned. Which one is it in?

It’s called “who”. Fire up qnxinstall, select the QNXOnline repository and install the Who package.

If you are not able to find who package, probably you can try putting the below lines in a file called ‘who’.

egrep “ps -ae | \\grep sh | awk '{print $1}' | xargs | tr -s ' ' '|'” /dev/shmem/user_info | sed ‘s//dev///g’

And also edit your /etc/profile file to add the following line (preferably at the end),

echo -e “printf "%-8s" $LOGNAME\t$TTY\tdate +'%d/%m/%Y %H:%M'\t$$” >> /dev/shmem/user_info

I have created this and have been using for a long time. I find it very useful. The only drawback of this is you will not be able to get the IP addresses of the clients.


I recently ported bsd-finger-0.17 to qnx 6.3.0
It works OK