opera on QNX 6.3 ?

Hi there,

was anyone able to get Opera running on QNX 6.3?
(I mean using voyager with opera instead of vserver)

I tried version 5.2.1 and 6.0.1 from the opera site. No luck. They work fine for 6.21 only.

Is there any version of opera running on QNX 6.3, or are there some tricks to get the above versions running?



I never tried it, I don’t think it will work. QNX offers NETFRONT browser for QNX 6.3, it has HTML 4 and resize-screen feature (can render websites designed for 1024x768 to smaller screens without horizontal scrollbar).


yes, I’ve seen the docs about netfront, however I can’t find it on my box. Using the netfront line in /etc/photon/webservers gets me an error starting voyager (No such file or dir).
Do I need to install some extra package / SDK to get netfront?