Last try: Radeon 9600XT

Hello again,

I wrote some time ago about the Radeon 9600 XT which QNX claims to support. I am getting strange lines when trying to use the radeon driver with the card. Does anyone else have this problem? Any solution.

I would be very appriciated for any info on this topic, like if there are more people having trubble and no solution.



I have talked to QNX and they claims it works fine and that it is my computer that fails, have already tested on two of them here and I can see others have same problem so . . .

You probably have a different version of the Radeon 9600 XT than QNX. Have you veried device ID’s? Can you post a photo of your problem?

The ID is the same both vendor and the card. :frowning:

How do you mean photo? The screen turn all black with a few stripes of different colours at the top, then nothing . . ?

Do you have this card working alright?

While waiting, you might want to test the vesa driver from evanh:

Buder, you are not alone … I have the same problem … what I did was to put my hand on a second video card that is
working (for sure) with QNX and I use that one instead when running QNX … :frowning: