Inter-node spawn generates host of zombies

I now have inter-node spawn more or less working. When
the parent (spawning) process dies, the child continues
to run, of course. If I kill it, it disappears from “ps -A”,
but still shows in “System Information” as a child of “io-net”,
status “unavailable”. There are still entries in /proc for all of
these zombie processes. I don’t seem to be able to flush them
out of the system, short of restarting io-net. Is this a resource
leak in “io-net”?

To recap, the program on machine A launches a child process
on machine B using “spawn”. The program on machine A exits.
Its children on machine B continue to run. Killing the child
processes does not delete them; they remain in some wierd "
“unavailable” state, as children of io-net.

John Nagle
Team Overbot