How can I realize a excel in phab?

I want to use a excel in phab,
but I can’t find a widget used as
a excel.How to solve this problem?

You want to view an Excel file in QNX? Photon does not really have a table widget as such, but you can have a multi-column PtList though by putting a PtDivider into it. Of course, you’d still need to import the Excel file (or easier, just save the Excel file as tab delimeted text). Check out PtList docs for more info.

I want to make a table widget like an excel in windows.I tried the way mentioned above,but I still can’t solove the problem.Could you please
write more in detail?

Maybe this can give you a first look into the whole thing:
(however this is a very simple app, it’s far away from a real spreadsheet!)

I have same question, but get answer from your sample. Thanks!