software for ATC/Air Navigation


I am planning to write some libraries for QNX RTP for ATC purpose:

-Basic Navigation Theory
-Air Traffic Control
-Simulation of one ATC software

There are couples of software for MSDOS and Windows but I never heard
anything for UNIX, Linux. Are there some guys which are interested in
this area? The main idea would be:

-To build some RTP libraries which compute all the math functions for
Air Navigation
-Build and Test an ATC simulator which can handle and control a number
of planes (Photon or X or just console mode screen radar mode)
-This software would not be an AirSim like: Falcon4, Microsoft Flight
Simulator etc. but would be a real ATC software


Basic AirNavigation:

  1. Air navigation vol.3 from The Air Pilot’s Manual by Trevor Thom
    (Complies with new JAR-FCL rules)
  2. Fundamentals of Air Traffic Control from Purdue University.

RTP or POSIX docs:

  1. Docs from
  2. POSIX.4 Programming for the real world by Bill O. Gallmeister

Ok, if there are folks which would like doing this kind of soft for RTP,
drop me a message at