Phditto: pterm underlines RTP targer text

I don’t know if this should go in the QNX4 group of here, but since I’m working with both it’ll go here… Or should this go into a photon group…W

I’m trying to use phditto from QNX 4 to my RTP box. I find that it works pretty well, but in a pterm window everything I type in is underlined and this make it pretty difficult to read. Also, when I swap virtual consoles, the terminal window is not redrawn - it ends up with whatever was on the other console. Actually in closer eximination, the text on the terminal window is redrawn, but the black window background is not.

Ie: my terminal is using a white font on a black background. hen I switch from the phditto (vc-ph) to another virtual photon console (vc-x) and back to vc-ph, the text is redrawn onto whatever background was in the vc-x screen area of the vc-ph terminal window.

Also, why do I have to specify the -h & -w args to phditto when I give the -k arg?

phditto -kt -h 769 -w 1024 &

Hopefully phditto will show up on RTP soon.


David L. Hawley D.L. Hawley and Associates

Fixed a little while ago. It should be in the patch.

Garry Turcotte (R&D)
QNX Software Systems, Ltd.