Error in Calling MsgSend from Resource Manager


I wrote a resource manager, and from this resource manager I have to pass some information to other process. And I count not use SELECT / Notify. SO I decided to use MsgSend to send the data from resource manager to a different process, which will eventually do MsgReceive on the known FD.

Now I was getting the error “Function NOT implemented” as the errno of the MsgSend in the Resource Manager.

Is it so, that I can’t call the MsgSend / or any other function which eventually work on Fd from the resource manager!!

thanks in advance for any suggestion


Calling MsgSend from a resource manager is usually a bad idea.

There is nothing that prevent you from using MsgSend in resource manager, but you need to obtain a coid you can’t use the fd?

Thanks. Even I thought the same. But I observed that passing te fd was misleading the Resource Manager. And I changes the desing, to use the Shared Memory to support my design.

Just for my information, from where I will get the coid!!!

thanks a lot for help.

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There seems something doesn’t right.

So C send to resource manager S, and S is going to send to another process A?

MsgReceive() only receives on “channel id”, which comes back from ChannelCreate().
MsgSend() will send on “connection id”, which comes back from ConnectAttach().

So “A” need to ChannelCreate() and MsgRecieve() on it. And S need to ConnectAttach()
to A’s channel before he can send…