QNX as audio streaming client - Possible?

I’am quiet new to QNX. And my experience with Windows CE and Windows XP Embedded doesn’t help me out. What I plan to do:

I want to stream MP3 and OGG files from my Windows Server 2003 over LAN to a HP t5300 Thin Client (dc643a, Transmeta CPU).

I planned to boot QNX from an USB-Flash Drive (256 MB). That’s the first problem for me: I can’t find something like a tutorial for installing QNX to an USB flash drive.

Other questions: Is the HP t5300 compatible to QNX? Is there any Audio Player available for QNX which is able to stream? Will the shared 64 MB Ram be enough to do this job with QNX?

[b]Is my project doomed to failure?

I really appreciate any help.

Best wishes

KillerAudio by cdm can stream audio from Internet Radio :slight_smile:

I don’t beleive ogg is supported?

This seems to be unrealizable with QNX.