CPU speed issues on QNX 4.25

I am maintaining 2 identical ( I believe, i have inherited the installation) QNX 4.25 servers. Both are running the same tasks.

Site A runs the tasks without issue but site B runs the CPU to 100% and stalls. On investigating this, I noted that Site A shows a CPU speed of about 333 where site B shows about 266.
Friom Site B:

sin in

Node CPU Machine Speed Memory Ticksize Display Flags
1 686/687 PCI 26698 863M/1048M 10.0ms VGA Color -3P±---------8P

Heapp Heapf Heapl Heapn Hands Names Sessions Procs Timers Nodes Virtual
0 0 21960 0 64 100 64 750 1200 2 693M/ 1082M

I have had the hardware checked and both are running Intel PIII 850Mhz processors. On boot, the BIOS shows the chip at 850Mhz also.

My background is in Linux and I do not have a great deal of experience using QNX. Are there any better tools available in QNX 4.25 for investigating the true CPU speed or understand how to locate the cause of the systems high utilisation?

Where are you seeing the CPU speed of 333 and 266?

You can use sac to check what priority is using the CPU or you can download sysmon from ftp.qnx.com that will display which process is using the CPU.