sendmail compiled w/o NEWDB

I installed sendmail 8.9.3 from the package that is on the iso
image. I have been trying to config the local mail, I noticed
that sendmail was having trouble making/updating the
/etc/aliases.db file.
The error I got from newaliases was:


Cannot rebuild aliases: no database format defined
Cannot create database for alias file /etc/aliases: No such device

Some investigation(on comp.mail.sendmail) revealed that sendmail
was complied with out support for the database file? This makes
little sense because I am sure that most people would like to use
local aliasing. must have the same version because
it has the same problem.

Am I doing somthing wrong in the
If not, could someone let me know how to get a wurking version of
sendmail? or instructs on compiling my own?

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