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i am using QNX 6.2.1 PE.

  1. My board has Intel Ethernet controller(82546GB).It will accept the driver 82544 in the QNX drivers list. It has present in #pci -v list. I am seeing the in the Dll directory. How can i configure manually my ethernet device.

I got from google as
#io-net -di82544 busvendor=0x8086,busdevice=0x1079 -ptcpip
ifconfig en0

But this command is giving unable to init the dll. No such device found.

  1. I am seeing the USB ports in the pci list. I cant mount the flash drive on the port, it is also telling no such device found.

Kindly give me the Solution as soon as possible

Use ifconfig en1 ip-addr
Is flash driver present in /dev directory???


your controller is connected via PCI, so I would try to have the driver detect the chip: io-net -di82544 -ptcpip - nothing else. This does not assign an IP address or anything like that, it just mounts the raw ethernet device into io-net. You would then use ifconfig,route,… tools to configure your device.

If you must hit a particular PCI chip (i.e. if multiple chips of the same type are present) I think you have to give ALL options (did,vid,pci) to make it work: io-net -di82544 vid=8086,did=1079,pci=0 -ptcpip

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