kvm* ( ) functions

Hello Everyone!
I’m trying to port a particular application on to QNX platform.This
particular application is supposed to retrieve ICMP statistics which are
available in icmpstat structure.
My application tries to get these statistics with the help of kvm*( ) series
of functions.These functions are called in following sequence.
kvm_openfiles,kvm_nlist,kvm_read.Unfortunately these functions are not
working for my application.The probable reasons that I have identified for
not getting the results from these functions are

  1. The first argument to kvm_openfiles( ) should be the path for Executable
    Image of kernel as explained for BSD implementation.(no documentation or
    Header file available for QNX ).Iam passing this as “/dev/pipe”.Can any one
    help me in specifying the correct path.

2.The kvm_nlist( ) function retrieves a symbol value for a symbol name
specified in the n_name field of nlist structure(/usr/include/nlist.h),
which is passed as an argument to this function.I’m giving the name of
symbol as “_icmpstat” into the nlist structure but doubtful abt the symbol
name in QNX.Can anyone help me specify the correct name which will
ultimately help me to get the to get the ICMP statistics from kernel.This
function gets the symbol value from a executable file.

3.Also ,Where can i get the Explaination for QNX versions of these

Thanking in advance for any help