[ANN] Phumb Browser 0.7 released


September 21th,2002

Kirilla would like to ANNOUNCE the simultaneous release of :

  • Phumb Browser 0.7
  • KiPhoton 0.8

for QNX RTP 6.2 (x86)

  • Phumb Browser is an image browser. It can be used to
    not only browse images in a folder, but also to perform basic
    image processing, HTML albums generation, and to run slideshows.

  • KiPhoton is a powerfull C++ layer for Photon, still under
    development. It is used by the two applications : PhCam
    and Phumb Browser.

KiPhoton and Phumb are available as QNX Packages (QPR).

If you have a previous version of this application, uninstall
it before installing the new ones with pkg-installer.

Packages, information and screenshots are available on our
web site http://www.kirilla.com