Hello everbody,
I am using scheduler program i.e.this program is used to start a set of processes.What it does is it starts a first program.This first program returns with a value.Once this value is returned to this scheduler it starts other programs using spawnlp command.My doubt is is it possible to start two processes(programs) at the same time parrallely.Can anybody give suggestions.

Of course this is possible. What do you use to start your processes? spawn()? You can just call spawn() several times with several processes. Or, if you want to wait for the return value and can’t start another process before you get the return value of the first one (I can’t imagine how this could happen), you can always use another thread to do whatever you want.

I am using spawnlp function.Is it possible to use two processes(programs) using only one spawnlp function.If so please tell me how.Now my present process is communicating with VAX server through socket and receiving back the acknowledgement .Now i want to simultaneously communicate with hp-ux server.So i have to invoke two programs simultaneously from scheduler using spawnlp function is it possible.