What's unique with QNX RTP ?


The explanation below isn’t clear and is
missleading … IMHO.

"So what is a realtime platform anyway?

  • a hybrid that represents a cross between a
    realtime operating system and a platform OS.
    There are many free and commercially available
    operating systems - both realtime and conventional
  • but only one true realtime platform: the QNX
    realtime platform
    Built from over 20 years of experience in the
    embedded industry,
    the QNX realtime platform offers something truly
    unique: the
    reliability, small footprint, and realtime
    performance of an RTOS
    combined with all the advantages of a platform OS
  • low cost of
    entry, a productive, self-hosted environment, and
    tools and APIs
    familiar to a huge community of developers."

So QNX RTP has been downloaded by 400.000
developers of embedded systems ?
I’m not convinced!

What’s really UNIQUE is that QNX RTP can support
systems from high performance SMP workstations
down to deeply embedded systems … and that is a
real broad
PLATFORM! There is no other RTOS in the market
which can do that.

So why restricting QNX RTP to embedded systems
only ???