What QNX RTP needs

Just a couple of things:

  1. QNX (or what ever their name is) is focused on the embedded market,
    however, like what happened with Be, who said “we will focus on being a
    MediaOS”, aka we’ll be the IRIX for Intel, they were and still are being
    hammered by Microsoft. Unless QNX moves quickly the same thing may
    happen to them.
  2. People are going to use it for a generic OS regardless of whether it
    is a server/development/mediaOS, hence these issue must be addresseed,
    ie, ya have a good product, reap the rewards by supporting the generic
    OS user.
  3. I have used BeOS and after 4 years they still donot have a “bloody
    great idea” scheme set up as an encentive for established companys and
    new developers to port/develope for their particular plaform. QNX is in
    a position where they can offer such an incentive scheme, jump on the
    opportunity now to grab future programmers and companies.