updating from qnxnc6.2.0 to 6.2.1 gives error message

i just downloaded the newest qnxnc621.iso and brushed up my (so far reliable working) 620 release.

everything went fine but booting from hd gives the error message:
detected EIDE scanning for devices
/.diskroot file for root not found any filesystem
starting with safe mode
unable to locate fs-pkg
then the booting stops/nothing else happens

when i boot from the cd, i can start from the hd (by pressing f1) and everything goes on fine.

any idea ? HELGE

Try hit Esc (choose .altboot) while booting from HD.

sorry, but that didn’t work.

i re-installed qncnc620 : o.k.
i dated up with newly downloaded iso of qnxnc612 : same problem occurs

i did the above mentioned again with fresh install instead of update :
no success

i did the same to a different partition : no success

i suggest i fiddle around a little bit with that .altboot thing and others (to check out what it is meant for) and, if i still cannot mend it, post another reply in a couple of days.

if you could only stay tuned for this topic, please !

thanks anyway, HELGE

This happens sometimes when your IDE bus is not wired up properly. The devb-eide driver is very particular about how it is wired up. Devices claiming to be masters must be on the master connection, and you cannot have slave devices without a master.

6.2.0 suffices well enough for my application, so i am not so eager to track this down at the moment - sorry for not answering you sooner. so please don’t bother yourself with this thread now.

initially, i was looking for a reliable os to run a html server and i found it at qnx’s. perfectly. of course i got hungry for the bulk of applications at ‘windows’ level instead of having a prompt only.

i was just wondering : i can install qnx 4.25 at any partition as well as 6.2.0, and both of then boot well from the harddisk. furthermore, il s’agit d’un laptop, so i cannot change the wiring anyway - well i can, but what a mess ! las but not least : it’s a vaio from sony - why should they wire it up the wrong way - they’re experts, aren’t they ? :wink:

thanks anyway for your advice !

n.b. i learned about qnx (4.25) at the company i work for. we are running a lot of photon applications and, well, how shall i put it - i really forgot how to do this ctrl-alt-delete-grip, if you know what i mean !