qnx.com has invisible sitebrand.com webbug

Many of you here may have noticed that new www.qnx.com has a webbug planted
at the bottom;


script language=‘Javascript’ src=’>> ’
noscript><img]( > src=’>> ’ width=‘1’ height=‘1’ border=‘0’></noscript
!-- InSite Server Code Snippet End –

The target belongs and redirects to sitebrand.com.

Now, everybody has some concern about “privacy” these days,
lacking “privacy policy” link neither in www.qnx.com nor www.sitebrand.com
MAY have a negative impact on those who care.
(Heck, get.qnx.com/get.qnx.co.jp didn’t have policies too)

The bad thing is the above has width=1 height=1 which implicity says
`I’m trying to collect things without your notice’.

Alec, does this ring a bell?


We’ve been using sitebrand for about six months now. We use them to analyze
our web stats (they have much better reports than we used to generate
ourselves), and we’re looking at them to help us personalize content
delivery, since we sell to many different verticals.

I appreciate the heads up. The privacy policy is under development, and
will be added to the site shortly.

Alec Saunders (alecs@qnx.com)
VP Marketing, QNX Software Systems Limited