Printing from embeded Photon

We are trying to print to a PostScript printer from an embedded Photon app,
using the snapshot photon app to dump the whole screen. It works fine except
for widgets derived from PtGenList. We are using PtFileSel and PtList.
Neither of them produces any fonts on the printer, even though the form
caption and other widgets on the same form are displayed correctly, with
fonts and everything, on the printer. The strange thing is that when I try
our app on our development installation then it works fine. The only
difference is that the embedded platform is a 486/66-DX2 with 8MB and the
development platform is a P133 with 32MB.

We are using:
QNX 4.24
Photon 1.12
snapshot is used like: “snapshot -A 640480 -o 00 -LL”
The printers file has the filename specified to /dev/par1

The only thing I can think of is that the snapshot app does not wait long
enough for the PtGenList derived widgets to be repainted. It is a long
shoot, especially when the graphics showing folder icons in the PtFileSel
does get printed correctly, but it the best idea I’ve got.

Anybody got any ideas?