About "BitBlt" function like in MS VC++ and "Layer" function

I have 2 questions.
I am handling digital maps in my application, Vehicle Navigation System.
I create Memory using Photon Memory Function, width=6403, height=4803
First of all, I draw digital 9 maps in memory in advance.
Later, I have to copy images in order for scrolling and then I draw another
In other words, I’d like to copy an existing rectangle image from source
memory to destination video memory, irrespective of visible screen.
For example,
memory pages=9;
visible screen= pos.x1=640, pos.y1=480)(pos.x2=1280, pos.y2=960);
copy from source coordinates(1280, 960)
to destination coordinates(0,960)
rectangle size(width, height)=(640, 480)

I have performed this kind of function in Windows VC++ using BitBlt graphic
Is there a this kind of function in Photon?
Otherwise, is there any methods to perform?

I’d like to perform “Layer” function.
It is like 2 window screens. Kind of transparent 2 screens.
What I want to perform is that I draw default menus on higher screen(or
canvas) and I draw digital maps on lower screen. Lower screen images will be
changes but Higher images will not.
If I use “Layer” function, two screens will be overlapped.
I have used 2 canvas (using PtRaw), but it doesn’t work what I wanted.
For example,

  • draw triangle on higher screen
  • draw reversed triangle(up side down) on lower screen
    The result I want is to draw “star”, because it will be overlapped.
    Is there this kind of function in Photon?
    Or How can I perform this kind of function?

    Hope quick reply. I’d appreciate it.

Ppojung Choi,