Keyboard Input


I have a PtRaw widget for which I would like to have several event handlers.

Can I use the following?

PtAddEventHandler(pwRaw, Ph_EV_BUT_PRESS|Ph_EV_BUT_RELEASE|
PtAddEventHandler(pwRaw, Ph_EV_KEY, TxEventKey, NULL);

Or do I have to use PtAddEventHandlers()?

In my example, the first callback (TxEventMouse) is getting called okay.

The second callback never gets called (TxEventKey), event when I comment out
the first call to PtAddEventHandler(). Why? What did I forget to set for
the PtRaw widget so I can get the key events?

Can you point any examples that deal with this topic? I have searched QDN
and the on-line docs for this and found nothing.

I would like to know, for example when the user hits the ‘Delete’ key or the
PtRaw widget.

Can you explain where ‘key’ events get directed to as far as widget focus
versus window focus?