Real-Time psychology test program

I need to write simple test. Some objects (pictures, letters ) will be displayed on the screen, and user should response to them. I would like to use WinXp for this, but if you, guys, have any other suggestion, please. The problem is that I need real-time response from user (deterministic), and as I know WinXP doesnt provide hard real-time. I need to time when object was shown and how long it took for user to response on it. I tried to use extensions, but they mostly work with console. I need GUI. May be I didnt get something. It seemed to me that it could be accomplished with use of InTime Extension. But I didnt get how to force win process to execute at specific time (if it’s possible).
Any suggestions, the program is really simple if there is no real-time…? PLS…
May be some links on documentation?
Will QNX help me?
May be you know other forums where I can ask about it. I know that this forum mainly about QNX…

Welllll… yes. QNX will do what you need. LynuxWorks will do what you need. VxWorks will do what you need.

Stock Windows won’t. Not reliably, not under any conditions.

Low-cost options - Bluecat, QNX 6.2.1, 98Lite (possibly)… You might be able to persuade someone here to build you an image… or suggest a QNX developer… you’d get a runtime license and no learning curve instead of a full development kit. Could be a lot less $$$

Reading between the lines of your question you are trying to get some sort of data on recognition or reflexes. Your timing constraints are not therefore, in the microsecond range. I wouild imagine that the nearest millisecond would suffice.

You’re in the right place… of all of them I only know of Photon as being capable of dealing with the display on a Real-Time basis.

I can’t help you much, I don’t get to visit that often, but the other follks here are quite good.


I disagree, I beleive Windows XP can do it, depends on the precision you need.

I am second on that. Any windows will do it better than Photon. You said you need real-time response from user and you’re looking for OS that provide real-time response itself. Default timer tick of Windows NT 10 or 15 ms (depends on CPU type/speed), that’s probably good enough for measurement of human reaction. In any case, it’s possible to change that and get better time resolution. I don’t know which extensions you tried, I am unaware of any. But I can assure you it’s quite posible to solve your task on Windows and even it’s quite trivial.