[Q]: about drawing True-type Font by PgDrawText

Hi there…

I have a question.
I would use PHF(Photon Font) on Qnx4 using photon function, PgDrawText.

Now, I’d like to use TTF(True-type Font) on Neutrino
using photon function, PgDrawText such as Qnx4.

For example,

char *s ="Korean Characters "; // Actually Korean Characters are broken.
PhPoint_t p = {100, 100};

PgSetFont = “???”; // How can I set this font?
PgDrawText(s, stren(s), &p, 0);

How can I set the type of fonts?
Is it the same way of qnx4?
Can I use TTF such as PHF without any conversion?
How should I do?

Hope your quick reply…