Lack of applications

I want to try QNX, but it seems there isn’t a lot of software out for it…and the software that has been ported is very outdated.

Are there any sites with up to date versions of gaim, openoffice, vlc, xmms, etc…?

Or are there any projects that intend on creating a portage system such as gentoo, or apt-get as debian has?

please use the search function (Hey, the thread is even sticky)

I just checked the list.

I didn’t find openoffice or anything newer than gaim 0.76, which is very old.

However, if I installed the gtk libraries, would any gtk program run?

I am not aware of any OO port for QNX, the only thing that comes close would be AbiWord.

I don’t think so.
But you can give it a try and put your working / ported QNX apps on a website :wink:

The point is that QNX isn’t meant for desktop use, that’s the reason for not having lots of software arround. (previously discussed here)