Full Docs set for Photon 1.14 posted on quics

*** May 23, 2001 ***


This archive contains the full Photon 1.14
documentation set and is current as of May 23, 2001.

This archive may be installed over any of the following
Photon 1.14 installations:

  • tar.F archives downloaded from the QUICS QNX 4 and QNX 2 archives
  • install from a QNX4 Product Suite CD

This archive can only be applied to version 1.14.

Note: Documentation was not updated on the May 2001 Product Suite CD.
A CD Docs Patch may be released in the near future.


After downloading the file, verify the ‘cksum’.
566276074 865885 phrt1.14.fulldocs.tar.F

The archive can be installed using the following command
when logged in as “root”

install -u phrt1.14.fulldocs.tar.F


Kevin Dunsmoor
QA, QNX Software Systems