PtNumeric* hopelessness

One of PtNumeric* bugs:

I have a lot of PtNumeric* in window, so I try to do my PtNumeric* input box
more thin than default extent ( Y height ). I found that I can change
Pt_ARG_NUMERIC_UPDOWN_BORDER_WIDTH ( uff… never see such long word :slight_smile: to
value 1 and hurrah, I can narrow input box height from default 24 to 20
pixels (Y). So far good… more than good, everything goes as expected…
Save, Build, Compile, Run… everything OK.
And after that I do really unexpected step: I set minimum and maximum for
PtNumeric* widget. Really bad idea. From this time PtNumericWidget allways
has default height and I can’t convice PtNumeric to change his height to
value 20. On screen everything looks OK, but when I only minimize and
restore window with PtNumeric* heigth of PtNumeric change to value 23! (
Nothing helps… neither kind word nor “kill” command :slight_smile:.
Can anybody help me?

There’s only troble with PtNumeric* ( from very beginning )… BTW when bug
with graphic defect in Up/Down button ( PtNumberic* widget ) will be
corrected? This is known problem from version 1.12 ( yes… couple of
years )! I still need explain that not my fault that simple button look very

Configuration: Ph1.12, Ph1.13ABC, Ph1.14A

( sorry my english, I try wrote short essay :slight_smile: