ncurses in Photon

I need to write a program with a ncurses user interface which has to receive messages
from multiple client processes and proxys. I have written a program
which attaches a proxy to /dev/con1 using dev_arm() and qnx_proxy_attach() to
generate proxy kicks upon keyboard events.
This works fine in console mode but fails to work in a Photon console where it
does not seem like any events are received.
How can I make it to work also in Photon? Should I register to events for
another device than /dev/con1? Which?
It must work both in console mode and in Photon (including Phindows).

Thanks / Tom

I found a solution: Instead of using the file descriptor /dev/con1 I used
fileno(stdin) which seems to work both in photon and in console mode.