Regarding SERVER program in HP-UX

Hello Everybody,
I am writing a server program in qnx6.2.1.I have to write the server program in such a way that it connects to several clients(6-7).What exactly the server program should do is if it connects to one client it will receive packets and send acknowledgement.If another client requests to server it should create the socket and carry on the same process with both the clients simultaneously and so on.Please help me out because i am new to socket communication.Thanks in advance.

By definition a server doesnt connect to clients, its the client that connects to the server.

You give very little information and its hard to suggest a way to do this since there is many way to go about it. As this is not a QNX specific issue and its most probably only tcp/ip related, i suggest you get a good book on TCP/IP. Since you have no experience it would be a lot better to do some serious book then to start writting a problem with the typical short answer you would get here.

The QNX doc has some example of a very simple server that could be a good start.