PtScrollbar callbacks seemingly out of order

We use a PtScrollbar to jump to locations within a file. Here is the issue
we are facing…

When the user click on the scrollbar, we call a CB_Got_Focus. This sets a
global variable to TRUE to disable updating of the scrollbar by the program
until we are done dragging it. Whenever the user moves the scrollbar, a
CB_Moved callback is called. This allows us to get the new position of the
scrollbar even while the user is dragging it. When the user lets go, the
global variable is set to FALSE to re-enable updating of the scrollbar.
That works fine, but here is where the problem is…

…If the user clicks inside the trough, the scrollbar is supposed to move
to the left or right respectively. It does that but for some reason the
CB_Got_Focus is called AFTER the CB_Moved callback, thereby setting the
global variable to TRUE, disabling further updates. Is this supposed to be
in that order, it seems to me that in order for any callback to get
recognized by the Photon manager, the widget must first have focus, which
would imply CB_Got_Focus should always go first if it is not yet in focus.
Any ideas?

Tom Fitzgerald, SEA, Inc.