Loading an image through the network or serial port ?

I am going to prepare a classroom in order to explain the concepts of realtime and embedded programming :smiley: .
For this, I want that the images can be loaded to the targets, through the serial line, or even better, through the network.

Question: is there a way to generate a boot sector on a Intel architecture, on qnx 6.3.0, that loads the image through the network or the serial port (i.e. sending it with sendnto on the host) ?

The other option, of loading the image through the boot bios, is too hardware dependent, I’d like better to do it through the boot sector.

Grub software, for example, allows this (but it’s not a native qnx solution), and the qnx 6.3.0 documentation says that sendnto is for this issue (but it seems to require a BSP), even the IDE has an integrated tfpd server for this, but I don’t see how to generate this boot sector, for example with dinit -B ipl-something.

Or is there a .ifs that allows procnto to load the image through the network/serial ??

Many thanks, :blush:


Best is to use bootp and a network card that support bootp room.

You can also create a floppy or a very small image that mounts the file system of a server and mount from there.

If your network card support PXE, check this thread: