Redrawing order (way to change?)

Is there a way to modify the paint order of an application?

Here’s my basic problem:

  • main application open
  • pop up a dialog window (with transparent rounded corners)
  • [anything to make the whole thing repaint, ie. drag a pterm over the 640x480 size
    application area and move it off]

I need to cause the corners to get repainted because they do not repaint with the piece of
the main application underneath due to the painting order.

The refresh painting order seems to be:

  • dialog
  • area around dialog of main application

I need to somehow make it:

  • area of main application under the corners of the dialog
  • dialog
  • area around dialog of main application

I tried sending an “expose” event that listed the corners, and I see them flash, but I
need them to repaint what is underneath.
My dialog is a dialog with fill set to transparent. Then there is a background label used
for the dialog graphic image also set to transparent fill. I was using a ptbackground
widget, but couldn’t get the corners to be transparent.

Thank you. I’ve been struggling with this for a few days off and on.