ATI graphics Card and QNX

We are attempting to setup a machine with QNX (4) and Photon (MicroGUI 1.13)
with an ATI Xpert 128 graphics card (it has the 128 Rage Pro chipset).
However everytime we let the OS rebuild the CRT.1 file, we get a blank
screen (the numlock however does appear to be responsive). If I look in
the CRT.1 file after this I see that the video card has been identified as
an ATI card, but I do not see where anywhere it is attempting to load the
driver for the above chipset that I see on QNX’s website. I have tried to
manually manipulate the file with no success (I am not familiar with this OS
at all)

I am able to get in under safe mode. I have also tried many difference
monitors to verify that it wasn’t some kind of a refresh issue or something

Any input or help from anybody would be appreciated, please feel free to
respond to my email address below.


Jim Cain