QNX on Gumstix / PXA255


I’ve been trying to get a QNX image going on a Gumstix XM400 board which has a u-boot bootloader installed. The board runs at 400MHz, has 16mb Flash and 64mb Ram.

I’ve so far been using hte DBPXA250 binary bsp. has anyone successfully booted qnx on a pxa255 using this bsp?

The problem comes when i try to boot the image (directly from RAM in this case) and the board reboots straight away. I get the same effect if i use ‘go a2000000’ or bootm on an image created with u-boots mkimage.

My guess is that the memory mappings and processor speeds are not the same as the DBPXA250 dev kit, however i could not find any specs to confirm this. Is this likely to be the problem or should i be looking elsewhere? If this is the case, will i need the source bsp to configure the image properly or can i hack the binary bsp?

The other thing i thought it might be was the file system type. U-boot expects a jffs2 image, however i dont believe this is the same as what the qnx system builder creates. whats the difference between jffs2 and the ffs3 that mkefs creates?


This on it’s own sounds very cool, I hope you get a reply of use. I’m also interested
because I’m trying port to a HP5550 handheld, also using a PXA255 processor.

I tried using the BSPs for the experimental board but that doesn’t work. Good luck!