Pdm Error


We have recently developed a QNX 4.25 network based SCADA solution. We
have developed a few programs for transferring the data from one node to
another using inter process communication. On all noded we have installed
Photon Runtime Environment and also the graphical application developed by
us with the help of Photon application builder. The programs transferring
data across network are run using “pterm”.

After installation of all programs and running those continuously for
a few days, we could observe that at some stage photon shown an errror
message box (pdm error). The programs continue to run but communication
(IPC) with programs on other nodes does not work. We tried to run alive
command and found that all nodes are UP and network connectivity and
configurations are fine. We are also able to access files on other nodes
from a particular node. How to resolve this problem? What could be the
reason for “pdm error”? Which factors of Photon will not allow IPC but will
let network function properly?

Please help…