Tables in Helpviewer

I know that Photon 1.14 is pretty much sealed in stone and done forever.
But, what would it take to get a tiny feature added to Helpviewer’s
processing of Tables. What I would like is to add ‘rowspan=’ and ‘colspan=’
to the and anchors.

If QSSL will not do this, which I assume would be the case, could enough of
the source code be made available under NDA to add this in myself?
Actually, there are a few features that I would love to add to Helpviewer.
I would give the code back to QSSL to give back to everyone else if they

And, just for fun, is Helpviewer mostly one big PtHtml widget or does it
duplicate most of that code itself? I assume it has it’s own code since it
supports some things slightly differently from HTML.