Local Printer with Phindows


We have a 7-node QNX 4.25 FLEET network. We require to provide three
remote terminals for this network. All the three remote terminals will be
connected to our ethernet network with the help of three serial ports
(microwave communication). The graphical displays and other features that we
have provided for the network with the help of application builder will be
also provided on the remote terminals. For this requirement, we intend to
utilise Phindows on each terminal. With the help of Phindows complete set of
features offered for ethernet network we will be able to offer to the
terminal user. Kindly suggest how to make Photon in Windows use local
printer connected to the terminal for hardcopy of reports. We could observe
that if we initiate a print of any of the offered reports, printing starts
on the network printer sitting on QNX network.