I was trying to play with various options of Phindows (license for which
was purchased and never utilised). I could get the phindows using ethernet
network working quickly. But could not set up serial connectivity between
QNX and Windows machine for Phindows trial.

As described in help document of Phindows, we have invoked a tinit on
serial port of QNX machine. We could see QNX login prompt appearing in
phindows session but keys typed did not appear to be reaching QNX machine
and could not login as root. Hence we could not invoke phrelay also which is
the next step for getting Photon login. What could be the problem? Using
Hyperterminal, we were able to to login as root and invoke phrelay.

What kind of serial cable is required to be used for this experiment?
Can a three wire (RX, TX and Gnd) be used for this experiment?

Can anybody describe configurations required to get my serial phindows