Print-To-File with LPSRVR?

Good Morning,

I’m not sure if this should go under the QNX4 group, but it applies to
photon, so I’ll put it here.

I would like to set up a printer type that prints to file. That is, a
new printer, with a spooler, that outputs to a user specified filename.
The filename is specified by the user, via a custom print dialog.

The “print-to-file” type printer would appear in the
“/usr/photon/printers” file (spooler specified and all), and have an
entry in the “lpsrvr” config file. “lpsrvr” would then call a copy-out
file, for example “out.line” which would basically cat the file to the
user specified filename, via a redirect (cat $x > $user_filename).

A few questions: is it possible to print-to-file this way, and if so,
what needs to be done (if I’m missing anything)? I tried it once using a
static filename (/tmp/test_file) for output, and nothing came out, no
file generated.

Any suggetions?

Adrian Mellognio