widget database


in my application i can traverse the widget tree but i am not able to
identify the exact widget with the widget address.

one way to achive this is using the USER DATA but i am already using
this for storing some widget specific data in widget user data.

second thing is order of widget, after setting the order of the widget, i
have to be carefull whenever i want to add any new widtet to the group as
the code may not work in that case. setting the specific order of the widget
becomes the contraint in the design.

all these can be avoided if i can identify the widget using the ABN_

i am not able to understand that why group in normal window or dialog
box can be addressed using the ABN_ noation but same is not possible if i
use the same through widget database.?

why the ABW_ addressing does not work with the widgets created from
widget database?
why ABW_ABC does not give the address of the last created widget with
the name ABC?

can anybody explain the difference in handing the widget created with
widget database and widget created directly i.e. without widget database.