ptmultitext and .. please help!

Hi I want to edit some text and send to port RS232.
I use phab in QNX6.2.1 and
I select ptmultitext and ptbutton, so when you press button the text in ptmultitext will be sent to the rs232…
which callback should I use to relate pressing ptbutton to pt multitext widget ??and how can I take the text in ptmultitext area and send to rs232??

Please guide me :blush:

this is my part of university project…If anyone have worked with PhAb please guide me (send to this topic or send PM)
I really need your help!!

First you should do the tutorial that comes with PhAB. This should give you an insight on how PhAB (i.e. callbacks and resources) works.
For your Request: use an activate callback on the Button and PtGetResource() to get the text from your PtMultiText.

For comunication to serial port you will probably find something in this forum.

Thanks smee
I have read phab tutorial ,but I did not find about active callback…
I will search site for serial port…