SP2 - Eclipse 3.0 problem with CVS over extssh

Hi everybody,

i updated my QNX Neutrino host-system by installing the brand-new Servicepack. Everything works fine (relatively of course ;-) but now I have a problem with our CVS-Repository, accessed via ssh. I did my configuration like the old one in the Teamconfiguration and added an entry in the CVS-Perspective. If i click on “Finish” in the Add-Dialog I’m getting the message:

Error validating location: “javax/crypto/KeyAgreement”.

After confirming “Continuing anyway” Momentics displays (if i click f.e. on HEAD: An internal error occured during: “Fetching children of HEAD”)

I would be very happy, if there would be a solution - because using the old IDE is sometimes not very funny… :wink: thanks

Maybe this is related? If so, it is fixed in Eclipse 3.1 as mentioned in the post.

ok, in the moment, i’ve got no time to try a solution. Thankyou for your hint…