HELP!! Unaccounted disk space. QNX4.23

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Hi All,

I deleted a huge file about 3 gigs worth using the rm command.
after that df -h still reads 95% space used. I did a chkfsys -ur on the drive it goes real fast unitl it hits the directory where I deleted the file from. When it finishes i still have 95% used??? How can I fix this. :cry:
Also used ZAP, QNX knowledgebase has one entry regarding unnacounted space but, tried that too and still no luck. I’m hoping others may have had this issue before.



The only case I can see where this would be happening is if some application still had the file open, the file’s content would not be released until the file was closed. An example of this is with syslog. You need to delete/rename the file, then sighup syslogd to make it close the file and reopen it.

“sin files” should tell you which files are opened by which processes. try to rename the offending file and restart the related process should “release” it.