Qt3 and QNX6.2NC Grrr....

If you have some time yourself it should actually not be too hard
recompiling Qt3/X11 under QNX 6.2NC. I think if you follow the directions in
the readme file from Qt3-qnx.tar.gz at openqnx. Under 6.2 it is probably
even easier than it was under 6.1 - therefore you might not have to do all
the steps described in the readme file.


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Le Jeudi 20 Juin 2002 17:42, vous avez écrit :

Most likely because of the C++ changes.
6.1 uses Dinkum and 6.2NC uses GNU.
I will have to re-port the Qt to 6.2NC GNU C++ when I have “free”
time or “paid” time.

Yes, I understand the problem. What is the Trolltech position ? Do they just

say (like me) : Thank you Mr Liu, good job !

Before mail you, I tested to compile Qt3.0.4 with your recommendation but
errors at link stage so I decided to continue using your binaries port. But
will be patient and test the 6.2 qnxbasesmp.ifs under 6.1

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