How to change scheduling algorithms?

Hi Community

how is it possible to change between different sheduling algorithms
in Neutrino and in QNX4.

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In both OSes it’s sched_setscheduler()

Thank You mario !!!

You’re welcome ;-)

I try it with

#include <sys/shed.h>

struct shed_param myshed;


but sin shows sheduling is always on default 10o (others)

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Are you checking the return value of the function, if so what about errno.

Are you filling myshed with proper value, you might read it back with sched_getscheduler() if you don’t plan on changing the priority…

Thank you mario !!!

Yes I’dont initialisize the “sched_priority” described in sched.h because I’dont see the exigence of this.
After doing this, all works perfect.

Thank You !!!