The ramdisk utility has moved to beta quality; this means that it now has
most of the functionality that it will have, therefore I’d really appreciate
it if people could give it a good testing. Source and executable is
available at www.parse.com.

Things that are planned for the near future:

  • mount command support, so that you can mount these things on the
    fly and have multiple mounted ramdisks.
  • further breakout into CFS vs RAMDISK components
  • bug fixes :slight_smile:

Please report any and all bugs that you find – I should be able to get
these fixed fairly quickly and generate a new version for you. Obviously,
the shorter the testcase the better (it doesn’t do much good to say “I
ran it for 4 days and then it died.” :slight_smile: unless you can also tell me what
operations you were doing.) You can use “ramdisk -dvdv” to get massive
amounts of debug in case you want to track the problem down yourself.

Thanks in advance!


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