Announcing: .tar filesystem!

The .tar filesystem is now ready for preliminary playing-around.
It’s what I call “pre-alpha” quality, which basically means that it
compiled here and I was able to look at a few files.

What it does

Ever wanted to just look at one or two files within a .tar file,
without having to unpack the whole thing? Well, now you can :slight_smile:
The tarfs “.tar filesystem” opens the .tar file, and presents the
contents as a virtual filesystem. It interfaces with the mount
command, so you can mount a .tar anywhere you like.

For example, if you’re in /home/root, and looking at “spud.tar”,
you can:

mount -T tarfs /home/root/spud.tar spud.tar.dir

(assuming that “tarfs” is already running).

Now, the best part is you can just “cd” into “spud.tar.dir” and
look at the files.


to download.


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