Photon Interest Calculator

I’ve just ported my Interest Calculator from QNX4/Photon1.14
to QNX6/Photon2. It’s nothing real fancy but it is very useful
when calculating interest rates/payments is what you need to do.

Basically it allows you to enter APR/yield, term (years, compounding
periods per year and number of payments), principal and payment.
You need only enter 3 of these 4 fields and it will calculate the
remaining one.

It can also generate an amoritization table which allows you play
further with the payments and also calculaets PMI payments.

If anyone would like a copy, either for QNX4 or QNX6 just write to
me at the address above and I’ll send it out.

Bill Caroselli – Q-TPS Consulting
1-(626) 824-7983