ISO 17025

Our company is applying for ISO 17025 accredidation as a lab.
We measure certain physical properties of railroad track and
calculate other properties from the ones we measure.

Other people are documenting the measurment procedures. The
algorythms are industry standard and mandated by the Federal
Railroad Administration. I’m supposed to document how our
software is 17025 complient. But I’m not sure exactly what
they want. Has anyone applied for 17025 accreditation for
software before? What kind of information do they require?
Are there any known documentation links that I can read up

As I see it, it boils down to three simple steps.

  1. This is how outside world information is fed into our A/D
    and DIO. AND to qualify the accuracy/reliability of their
  2. These are the special situations that are recognized by
    the software.
  3. These are the algorythms that are used in those situations.

The lab folk are sweating details that I just don’t see as a
problem with software. Like repeatability issues. Does this
really have to be documented for software?